We have suspended organized descents until further notice.
The correct location of the cave can be seen here (location in the new Atlas Slovenije is wrong). The route will also be marked from Tuš and Mercator shopping centres on the day of event.

We recommend appropriate suit.

Once a year,  the Speleologist Society Logatec organises a traditional descent into the Logatec Cave. On that occasion, the cave can be visited by anyone who is brave enough to do so.

Compared to similar tours to other caves, this cave is distinguished by its steep and narrow entrance to the main corridor of the cave. The visitors are lowered 30 m deep into the cave by means of a manual winch. This requires some courage and makes the whole event even more attractive.

The first event of a similar kind in Logatec was recorded by the historian Valvasor. The visitors were lowered into the cave Gradišnica. The cave was well known to all the natives because of its 20 - 40 m wide and 65 - 85 m deep entrance that never ceased to stir their imagination. The first scientist to do a research in the cave was V. Putick in 1886. He had a wooden winch put on the entrance and was lowered into the cave. It was a big event for the little town and remained in the memory of the people for a long time.
The Speleologist Society Logatec was founded in 1957 and in 1964 the first public descent was organised. The interest of the public in such events has been growing ever since. In 1962 the Logatec Cave was discovered and chosen for further public tours because it seemed to be more suitable.

The entrance is quite narrow, so the possibility of somebody falling into the cave by accident is small. It is a bell-shaped pothole, which is 30m deep and comes down in the middle of a beautiful corridor.

The first public descent took place in 1974 and in 1977 the second followed. Since then tours have been organised annually, with the exception of 1986 when the visitors were let into the Gradišnica Cave. Usually, the event takes place on the last Sunday in May. The day before, the speleologists are busy marking the way to the cave and fixing the lighting inside it. Having been lowered into the cave, the visitors can take a walk along the main corridor which is well-lit and is almost horizontal. Under the guidance of an experienced speleologist the visitors are invited to see 350m of the corridor. This requires some effort, because there is no path in the cave, but it makes the whole experience even more memorable. 5000 people have visited the cave so far and you are welcome to do so as well.

For further information please contact the club.